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ABA Services
Social Skills Groups
Whether you are interested in increasing your child's adaptive behaviors and/or decreasing maladaptive behaviors we would like to help you.  At LEARN, highly qualified clinicians with varying levels of education and experience are available to conduct functional assessments and create treatment plans to target behavioral, social, communication, academic, and daily living skills.  Service options consist of 1:1 direct services, parent/caregiver training, IEP preparation and participation, classroom observations, data collection, and training.  
Social skills groups are available for a variety of ages and skill levels.  Our social skills groups run in six week cycles.  Days and times vary.  

We believe that the role of parents/caregivers are very important in making long lasting progress on the targeted goals addressed during sessions.  Therefore we include parent/caregiver participation and targeted goal training during your child's group sessions.  

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Education and Training Seminars
If you are interested in becoming a board certified behavior analyst and are seeking supervision OR if you would like to learn more about our field of work please submit an information request.  

We are passionate about the families we work with and are eager to continue to train others to provide quality services that make long lasting life changes! 
BCBA and BCaBA Supervision and Internships

Education and training seminars are available for small and large group sessions.  Topics include but are not limited to managing challenging behaviors, toilet training, sleeping, eating, schedules, social skills training and generalization, reinforcement and punishment procedures, and many more.  Please submit an information request to schedule a training seminar or to get more information.